Disneyland Paris meets Nina

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” Walt Disney.

Disneyland Paris, where happy endings never end and nobody walks around without a smile – how could you when you get to meet Mickey Mouse, eat candy floss all day and swirl around in giant tea cups? We stayed at the Victorian-inspired Disneyland Hotel, a quick walk away from the Park entrance and had dinner at Inventions, where Disney characters pop in to say hi and pose for a picture, Nina did not eat much, as she was following the characters around through-out dinner. There are two parks- the Disneyland Park with its magical fairytale Sleeping Beauty Castle in the middle [and a sleeping dragon below] and the Walt Disney Studios park where the brave dare to enter the Hollywood Tower hotel and its 13-floor-plunging lift. We loved Crush’s Coaster ride where you board a turtle shell and befriend the East Australian current. The height restriction for most rides was 1.07m, Nina is 1.10m, so she actually attempted the Tower of terror at the Hollywood Tower Hotel- the elevator free-fell down the abandoned shaft then unexpectedly changed direction and launched back up the hotel, then stopped 13 stories high where the exterior wall was missing??!!  The doors opened to reveal the park grounds below…. In Nina’s own words…”a bit freaky!” Big Thunder Mountain was the most memorable ride – the heavens opened and we got sopping wet on this crazy runaway mine-train cart with waterfalls, explosions, shaking tracks, a raging river and well, the rain from above. Nina LOVED Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – you have to find your way to the Queen’s castle through a maze with conflicting signage and dead ends, where card-soldiers appear unexpectedly shouting “off with their heads!” By day two Nina was the master of the maze. The Ratatouille Adventure was a 4D experience where you shrink down to the size of Remy to experience the sights, sounds and smells in Gusteau’s restaurant- you felt the heat of the oven and drops from a popping champagne bottle! The rat size experience continued with lunch at Bistrot Chez Rémy, where you can enjoy Ratatouille of course! The parade and fireworks/laser display were definitely among the highlights, Nina got to “meet” Elsa from Frozen in the parade and the 20 minute fireworks and laser show with the Sleeping Beauty castle as backdrop brought all our favourite Disney tales to life with spectacular colours, lights and music. A truly magical adventure.




Posted in 2015