Nina’s magical 5th Cinderella Party.

Thank you Walt Disney for putting Cinderella in a blue dress – Colour scheme relief. Thank you Cinderella for being the coolest princess for a party theme, closely followed by Rapunzel, but she was in that tower for too long. Thank you Nina for not insisting on a Frozen party, although I adore Olaf! Thank you Julie for the best party store in the country where ‘Disney Cinderella’ meets crafty sophistication. There was a limit on Disney plastic figurines and Cinderella bunting, but just give me gold spray paint, glitter and blue satin ribbon and POOF!! [like magic POOF] : Pinewood tables transformed to golden royal feast tables and halloween pumpkins and R12 brooms are glittering with Forever After. Thanks to my friend Adrian for the lovely dress, which we used in the shoot and at the party, Nina ended up in the waterball with that dress and she actually looked so magical tumbling around on the water! The cake was a “doll cake” just as I had for my birthday as a little girl, although I had vanilla cake not blue velvet! The castle piñata is a remodelled version of a store bought blue and white one – I’ve proven that I can ‘DIY piñata’ with last year’s flamingo, so this year I remodelled and upgraded with gold crepe paper and pipe cleaners- much easier! My close friends are all eating pumpkin this week as they were distributed after the party, can’t wait to taste Shelly’s pumpkin pie – she is American and they invented pumpkin pie! Food treats included marshmallow mice, mini raspberry meringues, red velvet cupcakes, pumpkin-coach biscuits, macaroons, watermelon, Taryne’s famous orange chocolate cake, mini chicken pies and cheese! Nina had two ‘Prince Charmings’, Landon and Max, Landon brought her flowers and helped her with the glass slippers and Max wanted to dance with her after she slipped into her dress. My sweet friend Anja made costumes for her kids – a ‘before’ Cinderella outfit and a mouse – now that is what I call a dedicated friend! [Ok, they doubled up as Halloween costumes, but made with Nina's party in mind]. I included a craft activity for the kids who may not have liked the water-balls – Make your own clock, but these became take-home gifts as just about everyone was in a swimming costume rolling around in the big clear balls- there was a queue! Everyone had a …ball! Party packs had a wand, a mouse and magical popping candy. Happy 5th year Nina Grace, you are the princess of our hearts.

Posted in 2014