Tigress Nina in NZ

The tiger is the ultimate symbol of courage and that is what I celebrate in Nina! She has taken this new journey in her Tiger stride, boldly and fearlessly. She has embraced everything ‘new’- country, home, friends, school, church and kayaking in the ocean, even though the kayak tipped over! There are many similarities between Nina and the awesome Tiger – Renowned for power and strength, taking on [animals/situations] over twice their size, nocturnal hunters [always pushing the bedtime limits], the Bengal tiger’s roar can carry for over 2 km at night, much like Nina’s scream, they have both mastered stealth, they are good swimmers, they can hide their ‘kill’/treasure to return to it later like Nina’s hidden and sometimes forgotten pieces of biscuit and candy. They have a distinct pattern of stripes/look, very diverse diets, they can imitate the call of other animals to attract prey/acting skills, they have an amazing short term memory, remembering every detail of that promised toy. Animal planet voted them as the world’s favourite animals and she surely is my favourite animalĀ ! Im super proud of her audacious Tiger attitude here in New Zealand.
Posted in 2016