Epic Beach Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter-break plans were very last minute. There I was- rushing to In Good Company an hour before we left Johannesburg to get some Easter goodies. Kerry, who works there, almost laughed out loud when I asked for the kit I saw advertised – you see this was Thursday and the Easter weekend started Friday, it was sold out like last week. She also knew that I plan my parties WAY in advance – last week I was there getting stuff from her for Nina’s birthday party (in November). Luckily I found some DIY bunny crackers, a cool  gardener’s basket, some bunnies and flowers on sticks, an egg piñata and chalk board bunnies. I grabbed a few of Nina’s bunnies from her room and off we went with piñata in our car back window , singing along to Pharrell’s “Happy” [He really should have won that Academy Award!] We had the best weather ever, April is the best time to go the coast – no “humidity alien invasion hair”  and no swarms of people in plakkies, just us and a few crazies who drove down for the long weekend to feel the sand between our toes. We love December here, but we look like lobsters from the sun and you have to queue at the Spar for your milk and magazines. Matthew, Nina’s brother joined us and the two of them were laughing, fighting and then crying in the back of the car but there was this sweet moment when they shared a pair of earphones and watched a movie together for like 8 seconds. We thought a 12 year gap will be perfect, no fighting, no “mommy he bit me”, but put them in a car for 6 hours and the 12 year gap shrinks like Taryne’s chocolate orange cake in our kitchen. We survived the journey with obscured back window view and parts of the journey listening to O-FM, a radio station that will never get a preset in my car, although it is a preset in Michael’s car – who is this man ? We had been warned of a snake at our beach apartment who had made itself comfortable in the shutter by Nina’s room, so we entered our beach apartment like real scared city peeps- piñata, plakkies and bottled water in hand , or as Michael puts it , like Seal Team Six on the final assault to deactivate Bin Laden. Luckily the snake was elsewhere, probably saw us coming with our luggage for 3 months and tired children. First things first, we called the DSTV guy to activate the satellite TV and switched on the geyser. With our rushed packing, we forgot to bring our coffee machine, had to get a new one in the morning! Oh and eye make-up remover, I could not possibly go without mascara. On the beach.

Nina so adores her granny Janine and Oupa whom lives in Ballito, she was so happy to see them. Oupa is the spaghetti bolognaise king and granny has wifi at home. Yay. We got up late, figured out our new coffee machine and just lazed on the beach. Sunday after church we hit the beach again for a swim and then the long awaited and planned Easter egg hunt! I dressed Nina in her bunny hat and some sparkly pants that were a bit too big, but still looked cute. You can get kids to wear anything with the promise of chocolate. Teneal -Nina’s cousin, Granny J, Blessing, Matt and Dad all joined in. We set up the hunt in 3 different places on the beach, I hid the eggs and then Dad and Matt had a turn. There was a group of the coolest Durban people you’ve ever met standing on the rocks above our hunt, who watched the whole show and cheered Nina each time she found an egg – It was so precious, she would hold each found egg up for them to see with the biggest smile on her face which got her a cheer and lots of clapping. Once she collected them all, she shared the eggs with them. The only problem with a beach egg hunt is that there are no trees to hang the piñata from, so Matthew helped out. This was hilarious, a 4 year old with a wooden stick trying to hit a piñata an arm’s length away from her brother. I think there was some car justice being dished out from both sides.The teenage “tree” had to run for his life, she was hitting for candy and this was serious business. Once all the eggs were collected and the piñata destroyed, we had some juice, pulled the crackers, gathered our bunny friends and headed back home with chocolate teeth smiles.


Posted in 2014