Nina and Jessie YEEHAW!

The yodelling cowgirl fun started with Woody’s Roundup, a television show in Toy Story 2 where Jessie, Sheriff Woody, Stinky Pete and Bullseye are the characters. She is a hyper, brave, free-spirited cowgirl with the cool voice of Joan Cusack in the movie. Her significant other is no other than Buzz Lightyear!¬†When Jessie first meets Woody, she exclaims, “Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!” Bullseye is actually Woody’s horse, but he is very attached to Jessie. Some of her cool sayings: “YodelaHeeHoo”, “Blast us to smithereens, that there is dynamite!” and “YEEHAW!” She is one of Nina’s favourite Toy Story toys with her red hair, cow print chaps and happy green eyes. To quote Nina: “Jessie has cool boots and brilliant hair.”


Posted in 2014